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Turk’s Crawling Dungeon is a roguelike that integrates full-color graphics with a traditional turn-based dungeon crawl. Navigate the mind of a troubled young man as you explore randomly-generated psychic labyrinths teeming with adversity. TCD features familiar roguelike gameplay: delve into the depths of the dungeon and survive as long as you can! 

CONTENT WARNING: Violence, strong language, themes of mental illness, mentions of suicide, drug use, sexual references, and mild nudity.


Turk is on the verge of destruction. An obstinate darkness has descended upon him, ravaging his mind, body, and spirit. Inside him grows a yawning emptiness that threatens to swallow his entire being. Only a single ember of hope remains; a pinprick of light in the vast dark. What hope could such a meager spark have to banish oblivion?

Take up arms against the sinister forces that plague him: guide Turk to salvation!


[6-1-22]: Happy Pride Month! - and 0.5.0

[4-11-22]: Alpha 0.4.0 - The Embark Update

[8-14-21]: Alpha 0.3.0 is Out Now!

[8-7-21]: Deep Dank Dungeons

As the game is currently in its alpha state, any feedback is tremendously helpful. 

Feel free to contact the developer via email at mangosaucedev@gmail.com or follow them on twitter @mangosaucedev!

Get the source code here on Github!

Install instructions

1) Download the file labeled NEWEST RELEASE!

2) Extract the contents of this .zip into your desired directory.

3) Once extracted, run "Turk's Crawling Dungeon.exe".

4) DONE! Play to your heart's content!


(Outdated 3-28-22) Turk's Crawling Dungeon 0.3.5.zip 34 MB
(Outdated 4-11-22) Turk's Crawling Dungeon 0.3.7.zip 40 MB
(NEWEST RELEASE) Turk's Crawling Dungeon 0.4.0.zip 44 MB

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